The search process



The Search Process has four consecutive stages. The first stage is one of information exchange, in which the Convocation’s Profile is developed and published. Candidates express their interest by submitting an application with the required information to the Search and Nomination Committee through the Convocation's Search Process direct email account. This phase runs until Friday, March 9, 2018. Details of the application procedure can be found in a separate document on the Bishop Search website: 

Stage 2 is the stage of initial discernment during which, through prayer, extensive discussion and careful consideration, a consensus view is reached on the candidates for whom it is mutually accepted that there may be a call to the Convocation. These candidates will be invited into a further deeper stage of discernment. Stage 2 is characterized by detailed review of applications in the light of the Profile, supplemented by individual video conferences with each candidate and will take place through mid-April.

The third stage is one of reflection and elucidation. The central feature of this stage, subject to final confirmation, will be a candidates’ discernment retreat to be held in Europe towards the end of May for up to three days, to which up to eight applicants will be invited. Through deeper engagement in prayer, discussion, debate, deliberation and worship, we shall seek, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to come to a consensus on the candidate names (three or four) to be submitted to the Convocation's Council of Advice for consideration prior to the election. Following the Council's deliberations, this phase will conclude at the end of June.


Stage 4, the final stage, commences with the publishing of the final list of candidates. They will be invited to broaden and deepen their understanding of the Convocation in what is intended to be a mutually beneficial manner. This will include brief visits to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris, Church of the Ascension, Munich, and St Paul's Within the Walls, Rome, towards the end of September, to interact with parishioners from across the Convocation. This stage will conclude with the election that will take place on during the, at the Convocation's Annual Convention, October 18 – 21, 2018, at All Saints Church, Waterloo.

The Search Process is one of mutual discovery and discernment in which we all seek God's guidance. We commit to it being one of absolute and permanent confidence in respect of the proceedings and, in particular, in relation to all personal details of applicants/candidates. There will be no disclosure of the substance of the matters discussed or considered during discernment. Moreover, not only will we adhere to statutory regulations concerning data protection, we shall also ensure that all documentation provided for use in this Search Process, including that provided by people providing references or other advice, whether in paper of electronic form, shall be destroyed or permanently deleted from personal and Convocation IT systems immediately after the successful conclusion of the election.

Committee Charters

Bishop Search and Nomination Committee

The Search and Nomination Committee is appointed by the Council of Advice and charged by the Convocation, in Convention, to undertake the discernment process that will lead to the election of a Bishop in Charge for the Convocation. The Committee shall be guided in its work by the information provided in the Strategic Plan presented to Convention 2017 and the Search and Nomination Manual provided by the Council of Advice.

Through extensive communication and by enquiry and analysis, the Committee shall identify the key characteristics and principal desires of the Convocation. In so doing, it shall take note of our specific environment: the constituent elements and geography of the Convocation, the wider community in Europe including our full communion and ecumenical partners, our mission and outreach, our financial attributes and, of course, our aspirations. These aspects shall be reflected in the Profile that will form an important documentary element of the search and nomination process. 

Search Committee members are:

Mr. David Case, Co-Chair; Church of the Ascension, Munich, Germany

The Rev. Mark Dunnam, Co-Chair; Rector, St. James', Florence, Italy

Mr. John Adam; St. Augustine, Wiesbaden, Germany 

The Rev. Deacon Richard Cole;  Emmanuel, Geneva, Switzerland

Mrs. Carole Ducastel;  All Saints', Waterloo, Belgium

Mrs. Dagmar Hamberger;   St. Boniface, Augsburg, Germany

The Rev. Canon Michael Hunn;  Episcopal Church Center, New York NY, USA

Mrs. Nancy Janin;  Holy Trinity, Paris, France

The Very Rev. Lucinda Laird;   Dean, Holy Trinity, Paris, France

Mrs. Helena Mbele-Mbong;  Emmanuel, Geneva, Switzerland 

The Rev. Austin Rios;  Rector, St. Paul's-Within-the-Walls, Rome Italy

Mrs. Nancy Treuhold;  Board of Foreign Parishes, New York NY, USA

Dr. David Lee Williams; Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Transition Committee

The term “transition” often is used to refer to the period between the time of election and the time the new Bishop is in place. However, the Bishop-Elect’s transition is only one aspect of a much larger picture. Transition is an ongoing process that begins with the call for an election (perhaps before) and includes the election, the months between election and consecration, the consecration and accompanying events, the period of adjustment for the Bishop-Elect’s family, and, often, the celebration of the previous Bishop’s retirement. This is a full enough plate for any committee. 

The Transition Committee has formed the following subcommittees to fulfil its mandate:

  • ŸWalkabout Subcommittee (Presentation of the Nominees)
  • Celebrating the Bishop Subcommittee
  • Election Subcommittee 
  • Consecration Subcommittee
  • Support the Bishop-Elect (and Family) Subcommittee

The Transition Committee members are:

Ms. Anne Swardson - Co-Chair;  Holy Trinity, Paris, France 

The Rev. Christopher Easthill - Co-Chair;  Rector, St. Augustine, Wiesbaden, Germany 

Mrs. Andrea Manchée D'Agosto; St. Paul's-Within-the-Walls, Rome, Italy

Mrs. Janet Day-Strehlow;  Ascension, Munich, Germany

Mrs. Dottie Dunnam;  St. James', Florence, Italy

Mrs. Felicity Handford;   All Saints', Waterloo, Belgium

Mr. Christoph Herpel;  Christ-the-King, Frankfurt, Germany

Mme. Harriet Rivière;  Holy Trinity, Paris, France 

The Rev. Canon Michael Rusk;  Rector, Emmanuel, Geneva, Switzerland 

The Rev Steven R. Smith;  Rector, Ascension, Munich, Germany

Mrs. Alison Wale;  Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Chaplain to both Committees:

The Rev Robert J. Warren;  Rector, Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France 


St. James, Florence


All Saints', Waterloo