The bishop we seek


Our next Bishop in Charge will inspire and lead us to new places, empowering clergy and lay leadership to translate the Jesus Movement into the European context. Our Bishop will be deeply spiritual and passionate about the Gospel, an inspirational preacher and teacher, approachable and adaptable to the wildly different contexts of each of our congregations.

Our next Bishop will be an able pastor and a good listener to clergy as well as to the members of our churches. He or she will be responsive to the needs of clergy and their families, who often face challenges in their lives and ministries in the complex settings in which they serve. Priority will be given to the care and nurture of established congregations. Two visits are envisaged for the Bishop to make to each congregation in the course of each year.

The Bishop will embrace with enthusiasm the incredible mosaic which makes up our Convocation, expressed in the diversity of languages, cultures, ethnicities, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and gender identities which mark our congregations.

The Bishop’s office is presently housed in the Cathedral in Paris, working with a small staff and limited resources, calling for the Bishop to be a good organizer and competent administrator.

It is also critical that our Bishop be competent in languages. The ability to function in at least one of the three major languages of the Convocation (French, German and Italian) will be essential to this office.

Other qualities we seek in our next Bishop include:

Collaborative leadership style: willing to learn and to adapt to new situations, prepared to delegate leadership where needed and eager to access the gifts of clergy and laity within the Convocation as well as outside resources;

Inspirational leader: helping congregations to do together what we cannot do alone, leading us to be more connected and united as a Convocation;

Good communicator: able to use or facilitate the use of new technologies for visibility, training and education;

Spokesperson for a dynamic and progressive Christian witness, along with ecumenical leaders, to government bodies and European institutions; 

Committed to actively nurture youth and young adults across the Convocation;

Experienced in building ecumenical and inter-faith relations: eager to work collaboratively with ecumenical partners in Europe, the Church of England, the Old Catholics and Lutherans, to envision and implement joint initiatives and projects; 

Advocate for the Convocation to The Episcopal Church: articulating the vision and realities of the European churches to General Convention and to the wider church;

Missionary Bishop: thinking strategically about developing new congregations in close consultation with the Committee on Mission Congregations (COMC) and where possible in cooperation with ecumenical partners; making generous use of demographic studies to guide church development strategies; 

Able to plan and achieve the Convocation's financial stability and sustainability for the future.

She or he will be someone from the Anglican Communion with knowledge and experience of The Episcopal Church and who agrees with its polity.