Nominations by petition are possible in accordance with the following procedure and rules:

Nominations by petition must be submitted within 3 weeks after the Candidates are announced by the Search and Nominating Committee Council of Advice, that is by midnight CEST (Central European Summer Time), Monday July 16th.

Nominations by petition must be supported by at least 25 signatures. At least 10 signatures must come from clergy canonically resident in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe (hereinafter “Convocation”) and at least 15 from lay voting members of Convocation congregations (parishes or organized missions) as defined by the bylaws of said congregation. The signatures must represent at least 5 different congregations (parish or organized mission) from at least 3 different countries in which Convocation congregations are present.

A person desiring to be nominated by petition must fill in the same application form as was required of official nominations, including written answers to the set of questions contained therein.

The list of signatures (Petition Nomination Form & Petition Signature Sheets) and application form (below) are to be sent to registrar Sonja March 

Nomination by petition is subject to the successful completion of background checks (for which further information may be required) and the approval of the Presiding Bishop.

Once a nomination by petition has been approved, the Transition Committee will provide the whole Convocation with same information about petition nominees as they have about the official nominees.

Nominees by petition will equally participate in Presentation of Nominees (”walkabout”) events from September 27- October 1, 2018.

Petition Application Packets

A complete application consists of the following parts.:

  • the Petition Nomination Form (see requirements above)
  • the Petition Signature Sheets
  • a cover letter (cover)
  • a completed copy of this application form including responses to the essay questions, limiting each of your responses to 500 words or less, and the completed Consent and Authorization (application)
  • your current resume or CV (cv)
  • the name, address, telephone number and email address of three references. These references should include a member of the clergy, a lay person, and any other appropriate individual who is not your spouse, a relative or a person under your direct supervision. (reference)
  • your updated OTM profile (otm) or the information requested on the OTM profile that is found in the Ministry Portfolio document.

The Transition Committee and Council of Advice look forward to receiving your application. You will be contacted by the Committee. Please direct any questions to the registrar Sonja March 

Application Form with essay questions & consents / otm

Application Form (pdf)


Ministry Portfolio Form (pdf)


Petition Nomination Form (docx)


Petition Signature Sheets (docx)