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Introduction and Invitation

Welcome to this Profile of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, and thank you for your interest in our community. It is a privilege for us to invite you to explore the contents of our Profile.

As the part of The Episcopal Church that lies at the heart of Europe, the Convocation is unique. This Profile outlines our history and context, our parishes and mission congregations, our governance and our Strategic Plan.

We are seeking a new Bishop in Charge. After many years of faithful service, our Bishop, Pierre Whalon, has felt called to resign. We are very grateful for his inspiration, guidance and support over many years, joyful for his present continued service, and are excited for him and for the Convocation as our paths diverge and we move forward.

As we work to glorify God in this place and at this time, we seek someone to challenge us and be challenged by us, someone to care for us and be cared for by us.

The Profile describes the Convocation, where we believe God is leading us and the Bishop we seek, with details for the application process in a separate document or the next window on the website. If after reading it you feel called to serve God and his people in Europe as Bishop in Charge of the Convocation, we look forward to your application. Alternatively, should you be inspired to recommend or nominate someone, we ask that you speak directly to such persons and invite them to explore the Profile themselves and prayerfully consider completing an application. Please note that the last date for receipt of applications is March 9, 2018.

Thank you for reading this introduction and invitation. We commend the Profile to you and ask that you pray for the Convocation and its next Bishop in Charge.

David Case                                                                                        The Rev. Canon T. Mark Dunnam

Co-chair                                                                                              Co-chair

Search and Nomination Committee                                  Search and Nomination Committee