Free European roulette – enjoy playing live free online game

Free European roulette – learn how to play the game

The most common version of the game in the world is the so-called “European Roulette”. At the same time, as with some other games, rarely anyone calls it “European” or “American” roulette game. Gamblers just name the game “roulette”.

How to play European roulette and what is live roulette game?

European Roulette is a fast and dynamic game. At the same time, five to six people can comfortably sit at the European roulette table. You can place bets both before the ball is launched and during its torsion along the wheel groove. Bets cease to be taken in about three circles.

The rules of free European roulette are obvious and very simple. Each of the bets is completely visual, the odds are known. Any player, even a novice, can easily calculate the value of their possible gain. European roulette is often advised to beginners to play because it does not require the construction of complex strategies.

Online casinos offer their visitors a demo game feature. And it is a good idea. You do not risk real money while learning to place bets in European roulette free online game, gradually mastering the rules. When you consider that the rules have been learned and it is time to start playing for real money, you should decide on the bank.

  • The croupier invites all players at the table to make bets (depending on the type of roulette, they may differ).
  • Free European roulette play table is a field on which the same numbers as on the roulette wheel are displayed in the form of a table, as well as various types of bets.
  • As soon as the croupier pronounces the phrase that has already become classical: “Bets have been placed, there are no more bets,” the acceptance of bets is considered completed and the croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction, and in the opposite starts the ball.
  • It is forbidden to touch the rotating wheel and the ball or otherwise act on them.

The main advantage of free European roulette live game is an unlimited number of free spins in real money game mode. You can, for example, just watch the behavior of other players (in a live casino) and wait for a suitable situation to apply any strategy.

What is roulette simulator and how to practice the game?

Free European roulette simulator is a program that allows you to play roulette on your computer for free. For the game only virtual chips are used. Roulette simulator is very convenient for those players who are just starting their acquaintance with roulette – a popular and exciting game of chance.

A real casino game simulator. Here, not only you will twist the roulette and place bets, but also several game characters. As in any flash online gambling, you will be given start-up capital, which you can either lose or increase. In any case, you can reload the page and start playing with the full bank again. So, indicate any nickname and start your game against the computer.

Here is how to practice free European roulette game:

  1. The European roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors numbered from zero (zero) to 36. This means that the chance of winning is slightly higher than in other types of roulette, for example, in American, in which the number of sectors is greater.
  2. The area of the table, where bets are made, is divided into two parts – internal and external. Each of them has its own bets.
  3. On the “internal” part, you can bet on individual numbers, as well as on groups of up to 6 neighboring numbers.
  4. On the “outer” part of the table, bets are placed on red or black, upper or lower numbers, as well as odd or even (each of these groups includes 18 numbers). You can also place bets on 12 numbers (3 such bets are called “columns” and 3 more are called “dozens”).

Once, there were 31 sectors on the wheel of European roulette free game, although now wheels with 37th (in Europe) and 38th (in the USA) numbers are more common. That is, the chances of winning are slightly different depending on which variety you play. Over time, the game has evolved and now is an integral part of most modern casinos around the world.

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