European roulette rules needed to be known by players who want to win

European roulette rules: lean and become THE PRO

Roulette is an extremely simple game. Its rules are remembered from the first time. The game itself consists of a table, a betting field and a spinning wheel. You will also see a ball jumping over the nests of this wheel. Roulette sectors are numbered not in order, but in the scatter. Numbering is from one to thirty-six, there is also a “zero” sector. Cells with numbers are painted in black and red, and the “zero” – in green.

On the playing field, numbers from one to thirty-six are grouped into three columns, each of which consists of a dozen numbers. “Zero” is located above the unit, two and three. A player can make bets in roulette on a specific number, on color, on odd or even, on a whole column of numbers. The most diverse selection of online roulette bets. The rules of European roulette need to be precisely understood by any player who wants to play more efficiently and make money profit.

European roulette rules and odds

European roulette is considered a classic version of this game. Its rules are fully consistent with those described above. There are thirty-seven sectors on the roulette sector — numbers from one to thirty-six and one “zero”. The rules of European roulette allow a player to bet not only on specific numbers, but also on odd or even, red, black, more, less. In the gambling world, this type of betting is usually called equal opportunity betting.

European vs American roulette game rules

The American version of the game is already slightly different from the classic European. The main feature is the presence of the “double zero” sector, which increases the advantage of the gambling establishment over the visitor. The arrangement of sectors for bets is also slightly different. Dozens of bets are placed near the columns, followed by bets on equal odds. Sectors “zero” and “double zero” are located above the columns. Bets on individual numbers are located at the bottom of the field. Playing American Roulette online is easy, don’t hesitate. If you want to spend your time on something not too difficult, but interesting, feel free to go to the casino and choose roulette there. Of course, it is advisable to find a gambling establishment where the French version of roulette is offered, because it is more profitable. However, if you are a favorite of Fortune and today is your day, luck can smile even in American roulette, which is much less favorable to the average players. Play online roulette and you can spend your free time in a fun and profitable way for your budget.

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