European roulette play allows you to gamble with the best chance of winning

European roulette: play at ease

unknown. Some believe that it was invented in France, some in China. However, for the entire time of its existence, the game was divided into several types. One of the most common is European roulette.

How to play online European roulette for free?

You can play European roulette both in ordinary gambling halls and in virtual ones. However, fans of her prefer the online version. It is convenient and does not require large financial investments. European roulette online is presented for free in a huge number of a wide variety of institutions. At any convenient time, you can go to the paid game.

The European version of online roulette is also known as a game with only one zero. The wheel for spins is equipped with only 0 (for example, in the US there are 0 and 00). The wheel itself consists of 37 different numbers: from 0 to 36. All cells are arranged in random order. The whole field is divided into 18 red, 18 black cells and the zero sector, which is made in green.

European Roulette Rules

The main difference between the European online option and the American one is that the first one makes profit 2-3 times more often. The fact is that the advantage of European online roulette for casinos is 2.63%, and American – 5.26%. The essence of the online game is to let the casino visitor guess which sector the ball will fall on after making bets. The wheel will start spinning only after the player places the chips – not earlier. Bets in European Roulette European roulette for money online allows you to make a huge number of bets, or rather combinations thereof. All of them are divided into internal and external. The client’s task is to determine which cell the ball will stop at. As a result, he will receive a corresponding award. Payouts may vary depending on the type of bets. European roulette bets Domestic bets:

  • Direct – the player bets on 1 number, including zero.
  • The size of payments is 35 to one.
  • Divided – carried out in 2 numbers, while the chips are placed on a line that divides two cells (17 to one).
  • Street – betting immediately on 3 sectors.

The casino client places the chips in a vertical line that borders the row on the left or right side. The size of payments is 11 to one. Cross – placed on 4 cells. Chips are arranged in such a way that they cover four numbers at once. Payouts – 8 to one. Bet on 6 numbers – chips are placed opposite six selected cells (5 to 1). European roulette play money when using a certain strategy allows you to get high winnings. External bets:

  • On the column – 12 numbers, 2: 1.
  • For a dozen – 12 numbers, 2: 1.
  • For equal chances: Even or odd – 1 to 1.
  • Black or red 1 to 1.
  • More or less – chips can be put on numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36, 1 to 1.

In some gambling establishments, another rule applies: when the ball stops moving on a cell with zero, then bets made with equal chances are not subject to cancellation – they are left on the playing field until the next call.

Best way to play and win money at European roulette

If in the future zero again falls, then the bet becomes a losing one. You get the delivered funds back without additional payments. By using this rule, the benefits of online casinos are reduced to 1.35%, provided that you bet on equal chances. Thus, this rate is the most profitable. European roulette play free allows you to take advantage of the best opportunities for training.

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