Search and Transition Committees

In October 2017, the Council of Advice announced the selection of members for the Search Committee and the Transition Committee for the next Bishop in Charge of the Convocation.  The Search Committee and the Transition Committee have two distinct functions. The Search Committee is responsible for developing the convocation’s profile, screening and interviewing candidates (including a multi-day candidates’ retreat) and presenting a final slate of candidates to the Council. The Transition Committee is responsible for conducting walkabouts with the final slate of candidates, planning the election process, organizing the consecration, and assisting the new bishop and family in their relocation.

Left to Right: Dr David Lee Williams, Christ Church, Clermont-Ferrand, France; Mr David CaseCo-Chair, Church of the Ascension, Munich Germany; Mrs Dagmar Hamberger, St Boniface, Augsburg, Germany; The Rev. Mark Dunham – Co-Chair, Rector, St James, Florence, Italy; The Rev. Austin Rios, Rector, St Paul’s-within-the-Walls, Rome, Italy; The Very Rev. Lucinda Laird, Dean, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Paris France; Mrs Helena Mbele-Mbong, Emmanuel, Geneva, Switzerland; Mr John Adam, St Augustine, Wiesbaden Germany. 

Not Pictured: The Rev, Richard Cole, Emmanuel, Geneva, Switzerland; Mrs Carole Ducastel, All Saints, Waterloo, Belgium; The Rev. Canon Michael Hunn, Episcopal Church Center, New York, USA; Mrs Nancy Janin, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris, France; Ms Nancy Treuhold, Board of Foreign Parishes, New York, USA.

Left to Right: Mrs. Dottie Dunnam (Florence), Mme. Harriet Rivière (Paris), The Very Rev. Ron Clingenpeel (consultant), The Rev. Rob Warren (chaplain; Clermont-Ferrand), Mr. Christoph Herpel (Frankfurt), Ms. Anne Swardson, Co-Chair (Paris), The Rev. Canon Michael Rusk (Geneva), Mrs. Andrea D'Agosto (Rome), The Rev. Chris Easthill, Co-Chair (Wiesbaden), Mrs. Janet Day-Strehlow (Munich), The Rev. Steve Smith (Munich), Mrs. Felicity Handford (Waterloo), Not Pictured: Mrs. Alison Wale (Clermont-Ferrand)